The doors of Paris July 31, 2016

As I leave Paris today I leave with images of the doors and their handles of this beautiful city. Doors have fascinated me because they are very important symbols. You can open them or close them but in Paris you can’t help but notice them. I have been opening a lot of doors on this trip and have discovered many beautiful things and wonderful people. I have pryed open one such door that has exposed a very wide portal to…

Last full day in Paris July 30, 2016

I used to live in Paris from 1965 to 1968. Much has changed but the old Paris I remember and fell in love with is still very much here. Ernest Hemmingway says it best for me. “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

Rotary Club of Paris July 29, 2016

Many of you know I belong to the Rotary Club of San Jose. As a Rotarian you have the opportunity to visit other clubs and participate in their meetings.  At the Paris meeting I was greatly welcomed and invited to the President table. There I met very interesting and important people. Quite by chance, one of them was an Architect who knows the Koechlin family. Maurice Keochlin was the guy who designed the Eiffel Tower. My new friend has turned…

An Amazing Public Library July 28, 2016

I have come to research in the Biblioteque de France, the national library. This place is a labyrinth of rooms and floors several stories high. To get into this place you need a special card. Once authorized and you actually enter, it feels like fort knox with interlocking doors and controls. The people here are great and have been a huge help. I am so familiar with my documentary subject in English. Now I have to explain the whole thing…

Mairie de Paris international affairs office lends support to light tower film July 27, 2016

Today was a great day with the support of Hasanthi Seth my liason with the Paris Mayor office. She managed to land me an interview with Jean-Yves Camus. Jean-Yves manages the international affairs for the city of Paris and is a political analyst and an Associate Research Fellow at IRIS. He is a well known expert for French Television. He had excellent things to say about the relationship between Paris and San Jose both past and future.

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