The End August 26, 2016

This marks the end of my blog for my trip researching my documentary about the San Jose Light Tower and the Eiffel Tower. On the way home I was struck by this final thought. The San Jose Light Tower combined electricity and iron into a single functional form over a hundred and thirty four years ago. The plane I took home yesterday is the latest culmination of that technology. How far we have come. – Tom

Trains, Planes and Automobiles August 25, 2016

On my way home. Starting by train through Switzerland. The plane to London and on to San Jose. Will arrive home by Uber car. In a matter of hours I will be home which reflects to me the speed at which we travel and communicate in 2016.   Different than back in 1881 when information about what was happening in San Jose took 14 or more days to get to Europe.

Last Day August 24, 2016

Today is my last day in Europe. It may have looked like a holiday but I also worked very hard. I assure you I put in full days of writing, researching and interviewing people.  I started with the goal of writing a one hour film on the relationship between the San Jose Light Tower and the Eiffel Tower. The documentary is now an hour and a half long because there is so much wonderful material to include. So on this…

83? August 23, 2016

As I’m going around town to restaurants and other events, I keep running into the number 83. I found out what this means. With the influx of so many refugees into Germany, Konstanz has pledged to find places to live for 83 refugee families. Right now they are up to 58 integrations found so far.

Time Warp August 22, 2016

When you walk around this city you begin to realize this is an old place. The book seller is established in the 1500’s. A building has 1273 written on the side. There’s a comfort knowing these things have lasted this long. I’m traveling around streets that have been walked for more than 700 year. I am not alone. I have the ghosts of the past to accompany me.

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