Ballet San Jose on Our Award-winner February 10, 2012

CreaTiVe AwardDeveloped as a sales tool, our award-winning video (honored by CreaTV San Jose last month) offers a surprising look with different sounds and movements usually not associated with ballet. And viewers get a rare peak at the dancers back stage and in rehearsal. Roy Hirabayashi wrote the music for this piece which consists solely of drumming performed by San Jose Taiko. The edits cut to the accelerating visceral beat build drama and excitement.

“Of course, we’re using it in our social media and as a PSA,” says Lee Kopp, marketing director of Ballet San Jose. “But our volunteer subscription sales teams are also using it as part of their sales kit to fire up people about Ballet San Jose. More than 50 of our subscribers are reaching out to their friends and families, co-workers, churches and social clubs to encourage people to give Ballet San Jose a chance to show them what ballet is all about. So many people think that ballet is just tutus and pointe shoes. They have no idea how broad the world of ballet truly is. We have ballets set to Japanese music, Chinese music, American jazz, rock ‘n roll, Eskimo chants, even whale song! We want people in our theater who have never seen a ballet before. Because once they experience the magic of live dance on stage, they are changed forever as arts lovers.

“When people see a short piece like the one WMS media created, it can really open their eyes!”


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