Time Warp August 22, 2016

When you walk around this city you begin to realize this is an old place. The book seller is established in the 1500’s. A building has 1273 written on the side. There’s a comfort knowing these things have lasted this long. I’m traveling around streets that have been walked for more than 700 year. I am not alone. I have the ghosts of the past to accompany me.

A Spa kinda day August 21, 2016

It’s Sunday and a little cooler and variable. It’s a good day for relaxing around the hot water pools at the Spa just outside of town.

Something to think about. August 20, 2016

Being in Germany I got to thinking how nice it is but that perhaps because I’m a tourist it just seems better than it is? So I looked up some comparative stats.  Maybe we could learn something?

Friday Market August 19, 2016

As in most cities during the summer you have local farmers markets. Here in Konstanz you have one too. I hope you enjoy the lovely colors and unusual produce from Southern Germany.

After dark August 18, 2016

It can be very quiet here after 11pm. Car traffic is practically nonexistant and most people have gone to bed. There is a peacefulness that settles over this city. Walking late at night I very much enjoy the solitude of Konstaz.

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