John Wohlmut 12/8/1945 – 10/27/2017 November 27, 2017

My dear brother John passed away this morning. He had congestive heart failure. Both my brothers are now gone. May they rest in peace. Until we meet again dear brother. Photo: Peter, John, and me.

Into the past I traveled November 27, 2017

Today I coincidentally met some people who were commemorating the birth of King Kamahameha the 4th. He died at 29 in the mid 1800’s. We must take time to celebrate the past and those who came before us because they give meaning to who we are today. We are an unbroken thread. In the church service in front of me were the descendants of Hawaiian Royalty. I felt in the presence of a special spirit of Hawaiian Ohana.

Seeing things differently November 25, 2017

An artist often sees things where others do not. Here’s an example of a striking building in Honolulu. It’s very beautiful in the daylight. But at night it comes alive with color. What is not there in daylight is what this artist saw and imagined. Let’s remember to support the artist not because they sell a lot of art but because they open our eyes to new possibilities and lift our hearts and souls.

A perfect beginning November 24, 2017

Starting my first leg of my journey in Hawaii. It’s a sublime morning of warm breezes and doves cooing and waves breaking. Nature and humans coexisting with the emphasis on nature which is as it should be.

Leaving SJC November 23, 2017

Lining up to board the plane. This reminds me that life is also like a big line. We follow those who come before to reach a destination. My departure from San Jose is filled with great memories along the way. But this day is also filled with tremendous hopes for a happy future of love, peace, and the dreams of an important legacy to build. As General McArthur said once “I shall return”. So shall I.

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