Bicycles everywhere. August 16, 2016

People in Konstanz rarely use their cars. Car parking is conspicously off the streets mostly in underground garages or at the city fringes. That means you see bikes everywhere and many people own more than one. People peddle power is in full swing.

A walk without borders August 15, 2016

To recover from the fireworks celebrations I walked to tranquil Switzerland. Surprisingly the border was only marked by a sculpture. People freely walking back and forth. I guess this is what happens when people on two sides of a border have some measure of satisfaction with their lives and have some degree of parity. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my walk in beautiful Switzerland.

A bang up celebration August 14, 2016

Konstanz every year has a fireworks celebration the second saturday in August. Thousands of people descend on the town. The Swiss side of the border also competes with their own fireworks. It’s one huge Octoberfest type of celebration of singing, dancing, and of course drinking beer. Take a look at the video if you have time. It has beautiful fireworks precisely synchronized to music. I never saw such exquisite timing in fireworks to music!​ ​ 

Combining old and new August 13, 2016

I find myself looking at old buildings here in town and then being surprised at closer examination they are also modified modern. Somehow they have managed to incorporate both without disturbing the overall old city look.  The respect for old with an appreciation of the new makes this town beautiful and functional.

Always moving and changing August 12, 2016

I love watching clouds. Their billowing shapes and textures are in constant flux. Big, bold and sometimes flat like a blanket. They always engage my imagination and remind me of how much life is like them. Here’s some lovely clouds I have seen in this place I find myself in.

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