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The brain has limited shelf life for recall.

In our high-speed communication world, the competition for the attention of our brain is fierce. Daily we are bombarded with imagery, words and videos — often with provocative content in an attempt to be more memorable than the previous message. Like throwing a stone into a calm pond, these communications efforts ripple outward until they gradually fade away.

The goal for communicators is to ensure the target audience remembers the key message when it comes time to make a purchase or decision. But messages often have a very limited shelf life in the brain for recollection.

To overcome this, advertisers know that repetition is paramount. That’s why TV commercials bombard us constantly with the same messaging. Sometimes I’ve seen the same commercial back to back!

Another approach is to hype the message beforehand so that it generates a previewing buzz. Super Bowl commercials that cost millions are an example. Viewers eagerly anticipate seeing the results of the companies that paid the most! Then after they see the commercial, they talk about it and thus reinforce the experience.

And of course everyone knows that sex sells….

But sometimes clients don’t have the big budgets or it’s inappropriate to use the aforementioned techniques. In that case, don’t give up, all is not lost! If people have an initial interest in your product or service, you should try your best to make a good and lasting impression.¬† Some helpful strategies:

1) Be creative
2) Be concise
3) Be visual
4) Appeal to the human experience
5) Tell a story

Here’s a video we produced for Rich Moran that promotes his speaking services using some of these five suggestions:

Rich Moran from WMS media Inc. on Vimeo.




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