Alex on the job with WMS!

Alex’s first shoot with WMS

Alex is an enthusiastic young filmmaker, singer/actress and athlete. She became interested in video production through a multimedia class taught by Mark Schwab at Leland High School. The class inspired her to think creatively and learn new skills. She even got the opportunity to create several short documentaries. Her favorite is about the nonprofit Friends for Pets, a small non-euthanizing  animal shelter.

Artists who inspire Alex are Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. Her favorite tip for creating films is to use story boards.“It’s much easier to film when you know exactly what shots you want to accomplish,” she says. Her goal as a filmmaker is to produce documentaries/short films on issues that she has seen her friends struggle with. Two in particular are self- esteem issues that face high school girls and gang rivalry in northern California.

We’re thrilled to have Alex with us this summer!

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