Apple store setToday we shot an informational video for some Apple and G-tech products. It was really exciting because we got to work with a lot of expensive Apple equipment, which we used to create the illusion of an Apple store. Although a lot of fun, the day was not without its challenges and left me ready for a nap right when I got home.

The first challenge was creating a set that looked like the inside of an Apple store. Luckily I was not involved in the actual building of the set (which I imagine was just a joy to participate in), but there was still plenty to do when I arrived. The biggest nightmare was the lighting. In order to create our Apple store, we had to use a large piece of stainless steel for the background. As you can imagine, that piece of steel reflected EVERYTHING. People’s clothing, the lights, the equipment and everything else in the room showed up in the shot on account of the steel. However, under Tom’s extremely thorough guidance, we were able to move lights and set up pieces of white poster board to balance the reflection of the steel.

Compared to preparing the set, the actual shoot was fairly easy. I learned how to use a clap stick, teleprompter and anti-shine (a type of makeup that neutralizes the shine on actors’ faces). Although it was a struggle to stay quiet and listen to technology lingo I didn’t really understand, I gained a lot of new knowledge about computers, based on what I heard in the script.

I’m really excited about all of the new things I’m learning this summer. I am already dreading the day I have to say goodbye to WMS media and return to the monotony of everyday high school. I can’t wait to see what my last few weeks here will bring!

-Alex Kirby

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