Australia is also very green December 2, 2017

Many people think of Australia as a vast desert wasteland. It’s not. In fact in Queensland it’s quite green with rain forests and tropical beaches.

Brissy December 1, 2017

The Australians give the things they love nicknames. Brisbane is called for instance Brissy. Breakfast is fondly known as Breaky. There is a different hum of energy to the country. You notice it in the relaxed nature of the border customs guards, to the coffee makers to the shop checkout clerks. No worries really means something here.

About to take off to Brisbane November 30, 2017

Am about to wing my way to Brisbane. Here’s to a new beginning. I send my thanks to all my friends who have helped me get this far. When I arrive it will be tomorrow!

Double Rainbow November 28, 2017

A rainbow is a wonder of nature. Just the right amount of individual raindrops plus the correct angle of the sunlight yields a beautiful sight. It reminds one in the midst of rain or sadness there can always be something beautiful to see or experience.

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