San Pedro Flood Fundraiser April 18, 2017

It was a life-threatening emergency, the great flooding of Silicon Valley in 2017. Something had to be done fast. A fundraising group spearheaded by Maggie Handyside of the downtown San Jose Brit took charge to help raise money for floor relief for the victims. She called on the volunteers at WMS media to quickly produce this fundraising awareness video. Our video helped in raising more than $78,000 in funding.  

Commonwealth Club Awards 2017 April 18, 2017

Every year the prestigious Commonwealth Club of California acknowledges Distinguished Citizens at their annual fundraising event in San Francisco. It’s a lavish gala event that raises over $1 million in a single evening. The Club calls on WMS media each year to produce this important and highly visible fundraising film that documents each awardee. This example honors Lata Krishnan, the CFO of Shah Capital Partners and Chair of the America India Foundation.  

Success Center San Francisco February 12, 2017

The Success Center is a San Francisco based organization that helps inner city kids gain the necessary skills to find employment and live a healthy life. Liz Simpson-Jackson, the founder of the center, focuses on areas of education, community support and good old fashioned mentoring to help these kids succeed. In order to raise funds for the Success Center’s programs, Liz looked to WMS media to tell a compelling story of the graduates of the program and how the Success…

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