Hensel Phelps FE Boot Camp 2017 August 25, 2017

The Hensel Phelps Northern California boot camp is a 3 day workshop for field engineers to work together in teams to build a wall. WMS was requested to make a highlight reel of the event for promoting the boot camp in years to come.

Downtown for the Holidays April 17, 2017

Christmas in the Park is an annual tradition in downtown San Jose. The San Jose Downtown Association wanted to capture the excitement, colors and lights of the annual event. Through creative film-making by our Director of Photography Jake Heindel, WMS media captured the magic that Christmas in the Park brings to so many Silicon Valley citizens every year.    

Loanfinder for Intuit January 18, 2017

Intuit needed a way to show how their Loanfinder program worked. They selected WMS media to employ a hand drawing visual technique to effectively tell the story. A hand draws out the story resulting in a successful loan application and ends in a big reveal of the entire loan application process from start to end.    

Casto Travel January 18, 2017

Castro Travel is a personalized travel agency with many unique services not available through the big consolidators. Some of these include getting visas, arranging reservations in a crisis, and providing personalized services to handle any travel need you may have. Casto asked WMS media to produce a video that communicates the value of customized travel services over cheaper alternatives that leave you hanging when the going gets tough.    

GrandCanals January 18, 2017

GrandCanals is a startup that recently received a second round of VC founding after developing their logistics shipping program that helps clients find the most effective way to ship their packages. Then they set their sights on attracting new customers. They turned to WMS media and we successfully produced a testimonial video showing the key benefits of using the GrandCanals system.    

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